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Our catalogue

The list below shows the current catalogue of forms and documents that are available for your automation. We are adding to this catalogue continuously. If you have any suggestions or requests for document types, please let us know, through your administrator, who should contact their account manager - if you're not already a member, you can still suggest a document for automation through the Contact page.


UK government forms

Companies House



- MT01 commencement

- MT02 extension

- MT03 early end

- MT04 end by a monitor

- MT05 end by a court

- MT06 end following disposal of extension application or CVA action

- MT07 court order permitting disposal of property or goods

- MT08 appointment of monitor following court order

- MT09 monitor ceasing to act following court order

Ministry of Justice

Employment Tribunals

- ET03 response to a claim (ET01)

Business legal documents


- Contract of employment (England & Wales, ERA 1996, s1)

- Dismissal letter

Healthcare claims (defence)

- Letter of response

- Instruct counsel

- Instruct expert witness

- Witness statement

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