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This site does NOT offer legal advice. It simply creates documents based on templates warranted as fit-for-purpose by the subscribing organisation, and based on the data provided by a site user registered by that organisation.

If you need legal advice, please contact a qualified lawyer.

The site contains a large number of templates of legal documents used in England & Wales. In time we will add documents for both Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Once you have selected the document you want to produce, you will be taken - quickly and efficiently - through a structured interview that will allow the accurate completion of the document. Our aim is NOT to produce first drafts, but to produce complete documents, including signatures where possible.

Use of the site is restricted to registered users (members) from organisations with accounts. These organisations are mainly law firms or legal departments, but they could be anyone that needs to complete a legal document.

What purpose do we fill in a world where there are :

  • many case management systems with integrated document automation?

  • an increasing number of process automation tools with similarly integrated document automation?

  • many organisations with dedicated, specialist document automation software?

  • many tools to complete pdf forms?

  • online completion and filing facilities for many legal forms?

Well, we're certainly not trying to replace any of those, and if you have those tools and facilities - great. 

But we know from experience that many lawyers struggle with their case management systems, and often produce their documents outside the system - not always with great success.  We also know that many of the pdf tools are relatively dumb with respect to the content entered. Even the dedicated document automation software is often only used to produce a first draft document, which lawyers then tinker with for ever and a day. 

By walking you through a structured interview, and by validating your answers immediately, we increase the probability of you being able to produce a finished document first time around.

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